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Renewable Energy Alert

Most things in life require energy in order to function. This energy can come from various different sources, some of which are renewable and some of which are not. In recent years there has been much talk about renewable energy and the positive impact that is has. So why should you care about renewable energy?

Using a source of energy that is renewable is very cost-effective. As soon as a business or an individual has set up a means to generate their own energy they can wave goodbye to the utility bills. Solar power for example can be really useful to power the appliances within a home and to generate heating systems.

The natural resources of the world will not be consumed as quickly if people are using renewable energy. Over time gas, coal and oil are all being run down and this will lead to them becoming non-existent. Supplies of these naturally occurring substances are not infinite and eventually they will completely run out. Using energy sources which are Click to continue

Paper Towels – 3,000 Tons of Landfill Waste Each Day

With over 90% of US households taking advantage of the convenience of paper towels we produce over 3,000 tons of waste each day. Is this problem insurmountable? No – if each home simply replaced one roll of their traditional paper towels with paper towels made from recycled paper, we could avoid wasting 3.4 million cubic feet of landfill space and prevent 864,000 trees from being cut down.

The Benefits of Recycled Paper Towels

By using recycled paper towels we are doing much more than just reducing landfill waste. According to Ideal Bite, “For every ton of 100% recycled paper that is bought, about 4000kWh of energy and 7,000 gallons of water are saved. It also avoids releasing 60 lbs of pollutants into the air.”

Reducing Paper Towel Waste

Even using recycled paper towels people tend to have wasteful habits. What can you do to graciously help remind people to reduce their paper towel consumption? You can participate in Click to continue

Solid Waste Management, Jobs, and Education — MIT’s Work in Nicaragua

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been working on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua since 2011, implementing waste management strategies, wa…
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Coalbed Methane Pipeline In The Oil Rise In Revolt, “manpower” = “monopoly”? -

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Held in China in unconventional oil and gas summit in Oil Planning General Hospital Institute of Oil and Gas Pipeline project planning, deputy director Yang says that the scale of production is the premise of coalbed methane pipeline network planning, and only when the block co-ordinate the various companies and a variety of gas source, the nearest large-scale use of gas sources and incorporated into the trunk pipeline to take natural gas to coal bed methane truly complementary role.

Priority large-scale production network Yang Hung suggested that more than 2 billion cubic meters coalbed methane production scale may be considered for inclusion in the national network; 500 000 000 -20 billion cubic meters of scale may be building an independent pipeline, the nearest supply; 100 000 000 -5 100 million cubic meters can be considered among into Other Gathering and transportation pipelines, but also construction of LNG projects; 100 Click to continue